The goal of CMYFCC was to create a  terrific playing and cheering environment for our kids; appreciate the  democratic nature, cost structure and volunteer orientation of the  American Youth Football national organization. 

Seahawk Tackling Video


 The Seahawks coaching staff led by Assistant Head Coach/Defense Rocky  Seto has updated the tackling video originally released in 2014 as a way  to educate coaches, players and fans outside of the organization about  the team’s methods of tackling. 



This resource will help your team see exactly what needs to improve. Allow players to  critique their own performance, or provide personalized feedback by  adding comments and drawings before sending clips for review. 

Heads Up Football

Heads Up Football is the safer way to practice and play

USA Football has worked with leaders in both medicine and sport across  the country to create a full-featured program that any league or school  can use to address key safety issues — and ensure that every coach  understands and knows how to implement each component of the program. 

Flex Football


The Bengals have partnered with Rock Solid Flex Football to offer a new kind of football to kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Flex Football bridges the gap between flag and tackle for the first time. Inspired by the NFL’s high tempo, low impact, assignment and scheme-focused approach to practice, Flex is the ideal experience to develop true football fundamentals. The value lies in the development of advanced football skills while keeping the head out of the game.