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General Information


Parents Guide to Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading

Thank you for your interest in Lunenburg Youth Football & Cheerleading. Those new to the program often have questions and concerns. We have summarized commonly asked questions in a Q&A format for your convenience. Please email additional questions to:

Q. When does the season start?
A. The football and cheerleading season generally begins on August 1st of each year. All registered individuals are expected to report for camp on this date.

Q. What if I'm on vacation during August, can my child still participate?
A. Yes. Although football players and cheerleaders must meet a minimum practice time of typically 12 hours before they can do stunts (cheerleading) or wear pads to participate in contact based practice, scrimmage and games.

Q. I'm concerned about my child getting injured. How safe is football and cheerleading?
A. The injury rates in football are much lower than well known sports such as bicycling, basketball and baseball because of the emphasis on safe play and proper equipment protection. Likewise, in Cheerleading players must meet minimum practice time and safety standards.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Rates vary from year to year, so review the current pre-registration package for current rates.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. Personal check, business check, certified check, money order.

Q. What's the practice schedule like?
A. Practice from August 1 - Beginning of school runs 3-4 days per week with an occasional weekend scrimmage. The Jamboree which is a big "pre season" event culminating the practice season occurs at the end of August, which is the launch point for the official season. Practice drops off to 2-3 days per week with an occasional Saturday afterwards.

Q. What does the regular season schedule look like?
A. The regular season begins approximately the first weekend in September (official league schedule becomes available at the end of August). Games are generally played on Sunday's and run for 1-1.5 hours starting at 8am and running until 2pm. While parents are encouraged to attend all games, we understand that other siblings might have events that interfere, so your only obliged to attend the game in which your child is participating.

Q. What equipment is required?
A. All Necessary equipment is supplied including practice and game uniforms/equipment. There will be a small equipment charge per youth to cover consumables such as socks and belts (football) and or tights (cheerleading) the cost of which will be determined at seasons beginning. Football cleats are required per youth but are not supplied. Many parents have expressed a wish to purchase their youths football helmet. LYFCA supports private helmet purchases of "approved" units that meet safety and color requirements. Please contact board members or head coaches for units which meet these requirements.

Q. What role do parents play in the program?
A. Parents play a large role in the success of the LYFCA program each year acting as sideline personnel, scorekeepers, announcers, team parents, concessions and fundraising personnel. Once the final team numbers are compiled, team parents distribute a list of required personnel per game by name.

Registration Information - 2014 Season

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2014 season is now open. We are looking forward to another great year.

Fees are as follows:
$175 | Football
$75.00 | Flag Football
$150.00 | D10, D13 & D15 Cheer
$75.00 | Tiny Mite & D8 Cheer

As always, we offer a discount to those registering more than one child. This discount applies to Football and D10, D13, and D15 cheer. To keep costs down for our Bengal Families we offer a "Family Maximum" cap of $300 per family. This applies to ALL of our programs.

Please register by May 1st to avoid the late fee.

If you have any questions please contact our Secretary, Bonnie Brown, at or any of our officers or board members.

Go Bengals!

Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading is open to all youth of Central Massachusetts between the ages of 5-14. We're proud members of the American Youth Football Association, 'The Largest Youth Football and Cheering Association in the Country'.

Benefits of LYFCA:

30+ Seasons of Successful Football and Cheer Team Building
Balanced Philosophy of Hard Work = Success, Both on and off the field
Academics Stressed, "Bad Grades, No Play"
Minimum Play Requirements Allow Play Inclusion for Youths of Varying Skills and Abilities
More "Flexible" AYF Weight Classes Allow Participation for Children Who Might Not Meet the Requirements of Other Programs Due to Age and or Weight Restrictions


Upon receipt full registration packages will be sent via email or regular mail that will be required to be completed and on file before the child can participate in their first athletic event.

Checklist of Required Items (One Per Child):
ü Completed Registration Form (The participant's name must match the birth certificate name)

ü Original Birth Certificate with a "raised seal" from town hall (These will be returned by the end of season)
ü Signed Physician's Form dated after January 1st of current year
Copy of the year-end report card for the current school year. (4th Grade and Higher Only)
ü Signed parent code of conduct
ü Fees
ü Current photo (Cheerleaders Only)


Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading is looking for parent volunteers to coordinate and manage the numerous committees:

ü sideline personnel
ü scorekeepers
ü announcers
ü team parents
ü concessions
ü fundraising personnel
ü 50/50

Parents, your volunteer assistance is needed in order to successfully run the LYFCA Youth Football and Cheer Program each year.

Interested parties please submit your interest to volunteer for the above committees via email to

Fee & Refund Schedule

There are additional costs for participating in this program.

Cheerleaders need to purchase shoes, socks, tilly tights and tops.

Football players need to purchase belts, mouthpieces, socks and five pocket girdles.

Prices will vary based on needs of individual.

These packages will be made available through Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading
Single Player    $150
Two Siblings    $225
Three Siblings    $300
Tiny Mites    $75/player

$50 per child non refundable registration fee.
$25 per child non refundable registration fee. (Tiny Mites Only)
$25 mandatory fee for calendar fundraising

Payments can be sent to:

P.O. Box 417
Lunenburg, MA 01462

Lunenburg Youth Football and Cheerleading Association
Lunenburg, Massachusetts